Women go out to date don’t always back bucket bag, suggested to try these 5 bags, boys see all like!

For girls, in addition to the level of appearance, the key to beauty also needs to look good collocation, and sometimes the collocation of the decoration is also a bonus highlight, and the bag in the decoration is a key presence in the collocation.
And most girls go out “date” generally choose to carry bucket bag, bucket bag although the capacity is large, but too rotten street, no sense of fashion.


And the bulky style can be very tacky, so carrying this bag on a date is not recommended.
If you want to be fashionable and beautiful, you might as well try these 5 bags, foreign and show temperament, very suitable for dating, even the boys will be enchanted to see, quickly follow my footsteps to have a look!

1. Wide chain package


Chain bags have been very popular in the past two years, among which the wide chain bags have a very heavy, rock and roll atmosphere, very different.
Cheng Xiao’s wide chain bag has a strong personality, with high exposure yellow and metallic yellow chains to match.
Bright color bags can also play a part of the effect of brightening, the overall darker collocation to improve the sense of “fresh”, foreign breath and attract eyes, shopping and dating two appropriate.


The metal chain design of the wide chain package is very simple, sometimes can also set off the overall temperament, like Jiang Mengjie this metal chain is very noble.
Black bag and metal yellow chain together, giving a noble and simple sense of elegance.
The personalized stitching chain design highlights the cool taste of the fashion.

TOP2, transparent package


And this summer the most “do strange” bag should be transparent bag, transparent bag bold and novel features very beautiful.
What’s more, PVC bags have become one of the hottest fashion items in the world, which can also bring a sense of freshness to your summer.

The transparent bag that matchs like hole snow black and white is very recreational, exquisite bag exquisite have send, very lovely and charming, simple appearance lets you go up in collocation also need not bother.
Paired with a simple T-shirt and shorts, it also adds a cool bonus, perfect for a hot summer day.


And small transparent bag is opposite with big transparent bag a few more stereo sense, although big transparent bag capacity, more dazzing, but also can have a few redundant feeling.
But the small transparent bag pays attention to the detail design characteristic, lets the bag not only cool but also very delicate.
At this moment might as well be like Song Yanfei with a suit of white fasteners outfit collocation bag, the relaxed feeling of summer can blow on the face to come, assure to let you date win!

TOP3, belt bag


Relative to other bag practical and beautiful two hands to grasp, belt bag pays attention to beauty more this hand.
The small bag that leans against the belt is a very big highlight. It is free from the bondage of the belt, giving the bag a sense of freedom.

But Chen chose the same color skirt with the belt bag, to reduce the bag’s presence, but also to reduce the sense of abruptness.
Let whole harmonious degree increased a lot, also let a person ignore its existence hard at the same time, and still can rise adornment to cover the effect of flesh!

Pocket bags


The pocket bag is exquisite and full of youth, like a small bag with pocket design, full of eye-catching.
Like lovely and melting wind sister, might as well like Guan Xiaotong choose plush bag bag, pink small plush design, let the pocket bag more a few full sense, reduce the age of wind.
Plush bear design will also increase the soft feeling of the whole person, very close to the people, back it to go out on a date, easily let you capture the boy’s heart!


For a few mature women, the pocket of plush bag bag back will inevitably have act young sense, also do not accord with age characteristics, at this moment might as well choose leather small pocket bag like wu xin.
A high texture of leather will add height to the bag without being too thin, making it ideal for dating.
And the small bag of light color fastening still can neutralize the trifling matter of skirt, “one complex one simple” collocation lets whole person look more plump also a few!

Sponge bag


Sponge bag full and full features, very suitable for slim girls, and sponge bag “belly” design, rounded features make the bag and look very full.
The design of sponge bag like Song Qian is quite strong, so the bag will not look too thin, the small design makes the bag more lovely effect.
What’s more, if you don’t choose any bag, it will look very nice on your back. If you don’t know which bag to choose on a date, don’t miss this bag!


If you feel above the sponge bag is too small, the capacity is not big, you can see like Wang Luodan sponge bag.
Wang Luodan’s sponge bag is very three-dimensional, angular design so that the bag looks very serious.
The design of small lines on the bag gives the bag more softness and increases affinity. The design of broadband can also catch the massiness of the bag and make the overall aura look stronger.
For some working women, this bag is a must-have!

This summer’s bucket bags are ready for a change. Add some space to your wardrobe and add these bags to your fashion collection.

Post time: Jun-23-2020
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