Throw away your backpack, it’s cheesy! In 2020, it will be fashionable and versatile to carry a “special-shaped bag”

The fashion world, it seems, has a penchant for alien things.
This is not, alien with the trend of the past, alien bag came.
Why are alien things so popular?
It is not because the special-shaped design is not in line with the norm, so it is trendy and fashionable.
But it’s true that a lot of well-worn pieces are boring, and the unusual design not only gets you out of the rut, it makes you stand out from the crowd.


Shaped bags, as the name implies, refer to bags that are different from regular shapes.
Therefore, this kind of bag has no fixed shape or style, but mostly comes from the designer’s imagination.
So, shaped bag plasticity is very strong, play the leeway is also very big, no matter what shape or style of shaped bag is possible.


Chanel, for example, launched a lifebuoy bag in 2019.
Also in love with the special-shaped bag is LV, which not only has a gorgeous can bag, but also a cute extraordinary cat handbag.
In addition, there are Thom Browne’s animal design bag and Gabriela Hearts’ drawer bag.
You can see how popular shaped bags are in fashion circles.

Material selection of special-shaped bags


As with clothes, texture is a big factor in bag selection.
Because the material not only greatly affects the style of the bag, but also affects the texture of the bag, so you should choose well.
Next, xiaobian will take you together to see what kind of material there is usually in special-shaped bags.


The braided bag with the feeling of taking a vacation and tropical style is very popular in these years, and it is also the most widely used shaped bag.
Speaking of which, the origin of this kind of bag is also a source of creativity, which is our shopping basket, or some woven decorations at home.
Isn’t that interesting?

Eco-friendly felt bag

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Post time: May-27-2020
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