This year’s popular bag is like a vegetable basket?

“Women love bags, men love cars” is not fake, bags have become an essential part of women’s daily life, buying bags also naturally become a female goal pursuit.
Handbag is the most popular among all kinds of luxury goods for beautiful women. It is not only convenient to carry things out, but also can highlight a woman’s personal taste and style charm.
But this year’s most popular straw bale is both practical and beautiful, a favorite of the goddesses.


Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie, it is well known that her style is high cold and sexy, often see Angelina Jolie’s dress collocation, really let a person can not help licking screen ah.
And this is the United States out of the sky, the hand with a delicate beautiful straw plait bag, with a Bohemian dress, give a person the feeling of a rich lady, in fact, the other people themselves is a lady, only the perfect match!


The peacock on the straw bale is lifelike, the needle and thread shuttle embroiders delicate design on the straw bale, the national style is not beautiful at all!

Cowhide design and The Combination of Chinese wind grass woven bag, fusion of two different styles of beauty, let a person cannot refuse.

The design of individuality is the soul of straw bale. The right color collocation gives the bale a great visual impact.
Delicate embroidery design is integrated with national style, bright colors are used to give the bag a perfect appearance, and the inner layer of the straw bag is distinct, so that the things of the beauties are put more orderly. The delicate pursuit of life starts from choosing the bag, straw bag is worth having!

Delicate restoring ancient ways hand hold, contain thick palace style, the design style of Chinese wind lets a person fondly put down.

Straw bale has become a pursuit of beautiful eyebrow at present, because straw bale generally USES pure natural materials to pay attention to the appearance, that quality also need not say more, nature is not bad.
And straw bag suitable for many occasions, such as party communication, work, leisure shopping, etc., is a daily life of the necessities.

Beautiful bright color grass woven bag, leather belt brings different style, accompanied by a bag easy to travel.

A super suitable for seaside holiday travel bag, one – shoulder carry any change!

National wind hand-made embroidery straw bag a woman is feeling, give a person pure and fresh and simple sense of nature, the overall use of Chinese style style, contracted and easy, suitable for tourism and leisure shopping, carrying fashion straw bag shopping, not only easy to receive something, also reveal individual glamour, delicate design collocation bright colors give people visual impact, easily grasp the line of sight of people, make you a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the streets.


Not only go with the flow, a bag can usually highlight a girl’s taste and style, is a girl’s overall temperament of the finishing pen, choose the right straw bag, let personality charm release!

Post time: Jun-30-2020
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