This summer’s must-have little fairy pack, from fresh to light luxury, to satisfy your maiden heart

The meaning of bag for girls is the same as the meaning of cigarette for boys. It can be addictive. Once the style and design fit in my heart, It is absolutely necessary to eat dirt and buy it.
A bag not only to look good, follow the trend, the most important is to match clothes, let the overall harmony, add temperament and beauty, is the bag’s mission.


This period we checked this summer the most popular bag is collected, or pure and fresh and chic, or restore ancient ways elegant, it is appearance level extremely high immortal is new, can be competent all sorts of dress style, still fast collect rise!


As a hot element in 2020, small Daisy has successfully applied all kinds of single product design.
ZARA launched the latest transparent Daisy bag in summer this year, which is divided into black and white colors. The characteristic is to make daisies into embossed printing decoration on the surface of the bag, creating a three-dimensional sense of flowers blooming, which is really both dreamy and fresh.


The same design characteristic still has this one flower transparent package, compare daisies more delicate and cabinet a few, united in thought with very popular pearl element this summer, make it stereo blooming flower, adornment is on transparent, look have style all the more.


And ZARA’s pearl satin bread bag is really designed to the heart of girls, the appearance level is too high!
Light fog and haze blue ribbon with the luster of satin material, coupled with the pearl hand chain, the combination of light luxury and fairy sense is just right, can be carried on one shoulder, small make up first to buy for respect.


Cloud pack is a new product in the past two years, which has become an indispensable part of fairy bag by virtue of its unique appearance.
When the soft leather cloud model is matched with the heavy metal chain, the mixed sparks rubbed out make the cloud chain package more versatile and beautiful.


If the characteristics, acrylic transparent small square package or the most eyeball.
The standard shape of the cube is matched with the thick rope bracelet, which is fresh and unique with the jelly bag. Moreover, it is more formal and stylish with strong tolerance, which means it is more elegant in collocation.


If we say that the most fairy fairy bag is still the summer gauze bag, the gauze is used in the bag design, make three-dimensional lace decoration on the surface, and white satin lining echo, very shiny, with transparent beaded bracelet, can be said to be immortal.


The same gauze bag has this type, directly using the material of gauze as the fabric of the bag, the design into a simple style, with a sense of dream and pendant, with skirt very feeling.


Beaded bags were once considered the epitome of earthy flavor, but the trendy style has become a favorite among Internet celebrities and fashionistas.
Hard and hard material pledges suit the handbag with delicate cabinet of make it, use the decorative pattern with uneven surface to rise to feel, colour is pure and fresh and contracted, look very beautiful also!


In contrast, the pearl bag is more girly, the regular arrangement of the pearl as the bag material upper body, appears more senior sense, not too strict to fit clothes, crystal clear is also full of fairy.


Each bag has its own characteristics and can be matched with different styles. Which one do you pick?
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Post time: Jul-06-2020
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