The latest plant wall practice in 2020: indoor and outdoor living plant wall production process diagram.

Now has been 2020, the plant wall industry has also taken place a great change, whether living plant wall or simulation plant wall is more and more mature in technology, production methods are also various, but small make up to remind is the plant wall no matter how to do, must be made according to the construction environment.


Plant wall practice
With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the rate of urban greening has also become an important indicator of city rating.
Plant walls gradually enter highways, amusement parks, shopping malls, kindergartens, and then into ordinary families. Next, Chinese plant wall network small walls mainly explain the practice of indoor and outdoor living plant walls.

Diagram of living plant wall practice


1. Go to the site for measurement, and when we know the specific size according to the demand, we can determine the construction plan.

2. Fix the steel structure and select the steel frame keel that meets the requirements. The steel frame keel has various characteristics such as light weight, heavy bearing, convenient construction, small influencing factors, anti-seismic, anti-wind (outdoor) environmental protection and energy saving, etc., according to the site environment.


If choose to use the plant bag will be finished plant bag with waterproof paint directly bonded to the wall, and then plant to plant the bag can be.
(this method has been rarely used by plant wall companies. Here is a brief explanation.)


As shown in the picture above, paint the walls with waterproof paint

The plant bag and the finished plant wall are displayed


3. After installing the steel structure, splice and hang the plant boxes. Here, the plant boxes are of various varieties and colors.
The components of the irrigation system: the water inlet pipe, the water outlet pipe, the plant box, the controller, the water pump, etc.


4. After the installation of the intelligent irrigation system, it is necessary to check whether the water is flowing in and out smoothly and whether there is an appropriate amount of water in each module. Then, the plants shall be placed according to the renderings.


Three – dimensional afforest commonly used plant choice


Plant wall practice
5. Install plant supplementary light lamp: determine the number of supplementary light lamps according to the size of the area, and the distance from the lamp to the wall should be about 0.8-1m.

Notes for living plant wall:

1. Commissioning of intelligent irrigation system. After installation, test should be carried out to see whether the water can be irrigated to the whole wall and the size of the water flow, otherwise it will easily cause plant death.

2. Plant light supplement. In areas with insufficient light, it is necessary to install plant light supplement lamp to promote plant photosynthesis.

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Post time: May-28-2020
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