The backpack is out! The “first love bag” will be more popular in 2020

Since the beginning of summer, many girls’ wardrobe must have been turned over a new, some people with bags also changed a wave, in order to let the summer wear more attractive personality.
So, which bag is better?
Some girls may think of backpacks first, but this kind of bag not only has certain limitations on the matching style, the design has long been out of date, and this year’s more popular bag, is the “first love bag”, both good-looking and practical, many stars and hipsters are on the back!


The so-called “puppy love bag” is actually a white bag, its color is fresh and beautiful, and any color, any style of clothing can be skillfully matched, with the first love feel, very suitable for summer back.
And, “first love bag” design also is very various, each “appearance level” with “actual strength” on line, suit to use concave modelling very much, and introduce to everybody today is 4, it is among them most get star and fashionable person favour, in this summer fire arrives not line ~



Post time: Jun-28-2020
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