Little CK out of favor? The most popular bag this summer looks like this! I can recite it to work and school!

I recently fell in love with a blogger @sssslin while browsing xiaohongshu.


Despite her great looks, SSsslin also has a girlish sweetness, so whatever she wears has her own free and casual tone, which is very attractive

What’s more, she is very nice to wear. In my impression, she has no special fixed style. Sometimes she is precocious, sometimes she is cool and handsome, and sometimes she is gentle and graceful.



However, choosing the right bag must be the key to mastering such a varied style!

Because as soon as the bag changes, the style of dress and suitable occasion also changes.


For me to recommend a bag for office workers, it must be the leather canvas bag sssslin carried not long ago.

Sssslin is also one of the most frequently carried bags, this year’s several Look have similar bags ~



This kind of canvas fabric + leather edge element is quite popular this year. It has a low-key and delicate feeling when joined together, casual and elegant. No wonder it has been popular from last year to this year.



First of all, let’s say the most suitable bag for the student party!
I think sssslin’s Macaron-colored backpack is a great recommendation!
Macaron color has a sense of girlhood, no problem to reduce age ~



Post time: Jul-07-2020
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