JW Anderson brought a brand new wool felt tote bag

JW Anderson’s baseball cap bag was a real hit, but in the era of “it bags,” sometimes you have to admit it can be inconvenient.
For fashion aficionados who commute to work on a daily basis, a bag that can fit a laptop and stacks of documents might make more sense.

And this also can not help but let a person ask, whether there is an impassable gap between fashion and practical.
Recently, Jonathan Anderson answered that question with a new line of bags.
The tote bag collection, which will hit store shelves this fall/winter, is made of warm wool felt. The unique texture of the fabric makes the bag look very soft, and the seemingly soft texture infuses it with an intimate atmosphere.

In the bag, Jonathan Anderson inlays the same soft leather and separates several storage layers so users can quickly find what they want.
In addition, the brown leather handle and the metal buckle in the detail are matched with the wool felt body to produce the rich texture brought by the collision of different materials.

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Post time: Jun-01-2020
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