Handmade flower making classic wool felt handmade cloth flower DIY tutorial


Retro felt flowers, very suitable for this season.
Hand-made flower materials and tools: felt, retro buttons with plastic gun centerpieces 1, 6 large 1-inch-wide petals and 6 small petals smaller than 1 inch, plus a cute little button


2. Pinch the end of the petal and glue it with a glue gun


3, repeat the second step, all the petals are glued, and then cut a small round 4, big petals in the round into a flower

5. Glue the small petals to the top of the large ones


6, finally, the decorative button stuck in the flower center, completely cover the middle of the ugly part.
That’s it!


This felt flower can be used as a brooch, a hair ornament, or as a decoration on your purse or gift box!
Very useful


Post time: May-21-2020
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