Early autumn female bag temperament, chic atmosphere has texture


No matter in daily collocation, or in the collocation that attends an activity, always little not one piece is tasted.
It’s your bag.
Bag is a collocation of the point of fine things, but also travel fashion carry-on items of a good helper, the utility of the bag super.


The bag of different style, reveal the temperament that come out to be able to differ somewhat.
Handbags, shoulder bags, and backpacks are all different for different occasions.
But each one is worth buying, easy to carry and stylish.



Contrast color collocation gives fashionable and retro tone, looking at the shape, touch the soft and delicate fabric, let a person fondle admiringly.
Leather shoulder strap, comfortable to carry, exquisite car line, strong durability.
It comes from real needs, not pretentious or grandiose.



Wing shape, wide and stylish, not the traditional body to clip the wings, but generous side to keep the front and rear amplitude, so that the wings appear naturally.
Adjustable pins allow users to adjust length according to height.
The open part of the bag is equipped with magnetic buckle, which is more convenient.


Single shoulder bag


The simple shape of the metal ring itself, soft and delicate super-fiber leather, fine texture, wear resistance, strength waterproof.
Good air permeability, highlight elegant temperament charm.
Exquisite workmanship, details highlight quality, large space, strong practicality.


Post time: Jul-10-2020
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