Don’t know how to choose a bag? Check out this super easy to use bag guide, with a variety of tricks

The bag can be said to be every little sister’s essential piece, whether shopping or work, always carry a bag, not only can pack things, but also can play a decorative role, that you will bag collocation, if not quickly follow small make up to learn it!

1. Personalized fringed Fanny pack


The bag can be said to be every little sister’s essential piece, whether shopping or work, always carry a bag, not only can pack things, but also can play a decorative role
9. That you will bag 9, if not quickly follow small make up to learn it 9.

Even fringed Fanny pack


This is a very popular bag this summer, very suitable for most people, armpit bags are very mature temperament, plaid design can make you look more sweet and moving, wide shoulder strap is very friendly to our shoulders, carry a long time will not tired oh, if you have not decided to buy the bag, buy this one.

3. Chain cross bucket bag


If your style is the wind, the wind light ripe, sweet wind, it must not miss this bag, the design of the chain is very strong, can be at ease things will not break, bucket package version, can hold a lot of things, also is very good-looking, flip on the metal heart shape design, creative, do not fall convention, the design of the beige, all show gentle temperament.

4. Morandi Ostrich feather bag


Look at its first ever attracted by it, anyway, small make up have been unable to extricate themselves, this bag design is rare, because with the ostrich feathers to decorate, it is easy to damage, the price is not high, but this kind of bag is very durable, if not you intentionally to uproot it, generally do not drop, and this bag is very sweet, wear a skirt, on this skirt, it is more sweet than sugar?

5. Personalized mini niche bags


Now the small mini bag is also more and more, people to its acceptance and become high, although can’t hold a lot of things, but use it to match is enough, metal shell design, looks very very with personality, and super good clothes collocation, ordinary shirt and pants, can attract the attention of people, because the bag is too have design feeling.

6. Vintage fairy high-end bags


Bag use satin cloth and gauze to design, use gauze to weave lace, just like the little princess dress dust flying, deserve to go up ice ice cool transparent mobile chain, both the personality, and very feel, feel of summer with a crisp, very nice, back when the bag is very suitable for party, nobility is elegant, and not easy to bump package, have face very much.

7. Cross your Fanny pack


This bag continued the classic version of the purse, simple tonal, even super beautiful Ouyang Nana back, you do not get up quickly, soft leather, gentle and do not break temperament, retro feel old, very show texture, it looks not cheap, all the year round can, the use rate is very high.

8. Design stylish three-dimensional bags for the minority


This bag super suitable for working people back, and suit the build, bright red color has a lot of sense, so even if the boring suit, also can successfully attract the attention of people, and this kind of bag have design feeling very much, many highlights, circular stitching straps, and fashion sense, both also very comfortable to carry, can kill two birds with one stone.

9. Small French bag


Simple and recognisable French armpit bag, neat bag with a sense of small crowd design lock, beautiful and eye-catching, personalized shoulder strap design, natural fashion, essential street.

10. Small scented wind bucket bag


Elegant plaid soft fabric, with fashionable bag type, sending out romantic city breath all the time, fawn embroidery and fashionable hardware, embellished with fun and fashion sense, is a fashionable and practical bag.
Like a small fragrance wind of the United States do not miss oh.

11. High-end one-shoulder bag


Streamlined hand, with French bag type, natural fashion out, the overall version, light retro temperament just right, color low-key but elegant, what occasion can carry out the bag, small make up very recommended.

12. Basic little black bag


Little black bag should be each eyebrow in the United States for a bag, the simple, good clothes, so the eyebrow in the United States also has a special liking to it, the little black bag, no matter from version or work is very delicate, simple but not boring, very practical, can meet the demand of the vast majority of occasions, also not out of date, in a few years can back out of the door, no little black bag can consider to accept it.

Look down whether feel oneself knowledge increased again, have get oneself like of design, have pick of dazzling, small make up anyway each like, if you also like to quickly follow small make up plant grass up.

Post time: Jun-24-2020
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