Creative love gift – DIY beautiful felt bouquets


Have you ever wondered what to give your loved one as a gift? Today I will teach you how to make a beautiful and creative gift.

Step 1: materials


Pink felt paper

Pink felt paper

Green felt paper

Blue felt paper

0.5 mm ribbonscissors

Glue gun

The needlecotton

Step 2: make the felt flowers


1. Cut a piece of pink felt paper (12x5cm), thread the pink cotton thread through the needle, and get ready;

2. As shown in the picture, sew the pink felt paper from the bottom of the right side to the other bottom of the left side;

3. Insert the stick into the bud as shown in the picture, and then tighten the cotton thread;

4, tie the flower and fix it on the stick, then cut off the extra thread;

5. Cut a piece of green felt paper into the specific shape shown in the picture, then wrap it around and paste it into the bottom of the flower to make it a leaf.

Step 3: complete the felt bouquets


1. Repeat step 1 to make enough felt flowers;

2. Prepare a large piece of green felt paper (30x30cm) and a piece of blue felt paper (20x20cm), and then wrap the bouquet of flowers with blue felt paper;

3. Cover the bottom of the stick with smaller green felt paper;

4. Tie the bouquet with a red ribbon.


Post time: May-18-2020
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