Bag trends for 2020

Bags are not rare in our daily life, and every modern little sister should have some more or less of them.

Bag is the sharp weapon that our fashionable degree judges, a fashionable bag will add a lot of points to your image.
Believe that there are a lot of people have bought hot style bag, when we are tired of hot style bag out namely bump the embarrassing law, but also want to reveal the taste, do not want to be left behind when what bag should be bought?
Let’s talk about the fashion of handbags today.


Of this two years restore ancient ways agitation wantonly return, the bag of each big brand is more and more fire, resemble the presbyopia bag of a lot of fashionable and joker.
The most important thing to remember is don’t let the logo limit your ability to pursue something else that suits you and is better for you.

If you don’t want to go out and bump your bag, you can choose something with a less prominent logo.
Some of the bags with big brand logos are really beautiful and stylish, but the space is a little limited, easy to become the disaster area.
Carry out people’s first look and feel is often the bag brand, and easy to ignore the bag design.
When you’re not tied down by the logo, focus on the design and color of the bag itself, and you can’t help but brag about it.


A lot of people buy a bag to arrive basically escape however black, brown, wine is red, such foundation brunet is advanced joker is good, but also greatly raised the probability that bump a bag, give a color hard.
So, what we should notice wants to choose to match a color namely advanced and bold, have distinguishing feature.
We need to know that it’s not just dark colors that can have an advanced feel.
In addition, these lively high saturation colors, as well as the gentle morandi color is a good choice.

We should have noticed that when a chic girl wears the basics, the bag color can be more bold, used to enhance the overall look and show her own style.
If your wardrobe is also based on the basics, choose a few different colors on your bag to break the basics and inject a new twist into your look.


Or, you can choose a bag with different colors. When you choose a bag with different colors, it will be more unique and interesting to see the collision of different colors.

When we choose a bag, we should choose a simple and classic style. Although the color matching can be bold, the bag type can choose a more smooth contour, simple and durable. Such a style is more classic and not easy to be outdated, which is the most cost-effective choice.
Of course, because classic contracted, he also is the most joker, the bag model of minimalism looks ordinary, but once the upper body, temperament came out, more see more like.


In the popular bag of recent years, slippery face design, broad shoulder strap is waited a moment, some or have distinctive printing or inwrought design.
Maybe some just need a small detail, can let you instantly move.


Post time: May-19-2020
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