11 ingenious waste into a small flower bed innovation, flower saving and beautiful

Difficult to get a small garden?
Do you have too much clutter in your home?
See how others have transformed waste into attractive flowerbeds that not only grow a variety of flowers, but also improve eye care and create a custom garden feel.

1. Plastic bottle wall


These plastic bottles are regular soda bottles, specifications are the same, here chose to plant two plants adapt to the environment ability very strong money plant and sunflower, look look is very green, will be fixed on a flower, plastic bottles with nails and fixed rope, hollow out the side of the plastic bottles, at the bottom of the hole, can be used to cultivate hang the flowers.

2. Bicycle basket


Rust or deformation of the bicycle can also be easily transformed into a small flower bed, the basket of the bicycle directly put some palm skin and water moss, the middle of the nutrition soil, you can grow pink periwinkles and some green leaves of ornamental sweet potato, the tail board of the bicycle also used the same way, looking fresh and beautiful.

3. Cage hanging basin


Cage through appropriate transformation, can plant all kinds of flowers, the most common is used to plant some more meat plants or flowers, around the cage into more water moss, can be spread among some soil, more meat plants can be fixed on the water moss, meaty plant growth such as stability, can hang up and maintenance.

4. Turn canoes into flower beds


An abandoned canoe can be transformed into a small beachfront flowerbed with cobblestones laid out on the side and gold leaves planted in the crevices to pass through the Yellow River. Inside the canoe, there are pansies, periwinkles, impatiens and some ornamental grass to make it look natural.

5. Concrete block flower bed


Here to concrete placement into a small flower bed, guinea impatiens planted flowers was in there, and the planting plants on the concrete block is is to choose the meaty plant, common in the oboro, qiu li and longevity grass, are very resistant to keep of plants, every day is sun, heat resistant drought resistance of plant is the most suitable, not bad in the appreciation of the match.

6. Flower rack into herb garden


Here, a flower rack has been properly modified with a lot of grooves, which can be used to grow a variety of herbs, which require less light, on both sides of the rack, including the common mint, basil, thyme and oregano.

7. A kerosene bucket into a flower bed


These two barrels were once used to hold inflammable and explosive chemicals. After proper modification and repainting, they can be used to grow all kinds of flowers.

8. Wooden piles into flower beds


A large wooden stake can be properly transformed into a flower bed, where a great deal of effort and skill are required to cut and hollow out the stump, which can then be used for planting various shallow rooted flowers, such as geranium, stardust, pansy and marigold.

9.Mason jar hanger


A lovely mason jar with a piece of wood, fixed with a metal ring, can become a lovely and used indoor hanging basin, used to cultivate some vanilla plants is very suitable, some friends are used to cultivate some sweet potatoes, looks unique.

10. Square tray bed


These wooden trays are transformed into small, rectangular flower beds and moved directly to the garden to grow vegetables. Even if the soil is too poor, you can add nutritious soil to the trays.

11. Painted tire beds


There are a lot of different specifications of waste tires, after cleaning and repainting, can be used to grow plants, look colorful, and even robbed of the glory of plants and flowers, plants can choose some shallow roots of African chrysanthemum, primrose, pansy and lily, the whole arrangement looks full of vitality。

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Post time: May-20-2020
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