10 mansions to cool creative coasters


For the otaku people, love wu and wu are their characteristics and strengths. Once they fall in love with something, they will try their best to collect relevant supplies, such as collecting USB, dolls, pillows and other interests, which will make people admire the seriousness and professionalism of otaku people.

So, this time help you specially collect the following a few house coasters, you come to see the house is not very cool?

Recycle the motherboard coasters


Speaking of getting the most out of things, this motherboard coaster is the ultimate expression of “playing computer love the earth.” the point is, this motherboard coaster is also available for purchase at $12.99 for a set of six.

Adobe CS3 Icon coaster


Adobe CS3 Icon coaster, this should be engaged in the design industry friends favorite bar!

5.25 “disk coasters


If you’re a 3C veteran, you probably have a pile of 5.25-inch antique disks hidden in your house.
On the network someone turned this into a commodity, want to taste the retro atmosphere, try this group of six disk coasters!

The PAC – man3D cup mat


Of great men of this generation friend Pac – man like super Mario, are friends with our childhood friends grow up, we just came to this age, head a lot more wrinkles, they would be more live more young, if you want to revisit the taste of childhood games, might as well can proceed with this group of elves 3 d cup mat oh, Mosaic cubes, a group of six pieces, $22.

Tetris coasters


Tetris this game should not need to do more to explain, this is composed of a lot of colorful beads coasters, each piece of color, composition are not the same, quite worth playing.

Elf coaster


Old bone game three consecutive hair!
There is also the classic “Space Invaders”, which many people call “elves”. It is also a classic in the history of games and has been reinvented by many related products. It is not surprising to see it in the coasters.

Star Wars coasters


It’s not just otaku. Star Wars fans are everywhere, and this army-inspired coaster is perfect for office workers to show off their Star Wars tastes.

Star trek coaster


How can you have Star wars without another classic “Star Trek”?
Made of wood and plastic, this star trek coaster is a must-have for starship fans.

IPhone App stone coasters



Creative eco-friendly sheep shape felt coasters


Post time: May-26-2020
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